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29 May 2016

If you wish to join the Club please print our application for membership form found here.


Non-racing social and off road rides

If you are not interested in racing (at least to start with!) then just come along on a Saturday morning and introduce yourself. We want you to make friends and decide that it is us that you want to join, so come along and try us out for a couple of weeks - then fill out your form and pay your subs! Just £15 for the year.

Our Saturday rides are for road and off road riders and were designed as social rides and to encourage new members, there should always be someone who will keep an eye on you to check that you are not left by the roadside. 

The rides themselves are of the order of 20-30 miles, between approx 10am and 2pm, with a coffee stop in the middle. We vary the routes every week so please take a look at the Saturday rides and cafe rota. Most riders - even those who have done very little cycling - should be able to cope, and even if you struggle on your first group ride your fitness will improve after a couple of weeks.

The 'official' Sunday ride and any others organised via the message board, etc are designed as training rides. If you are a strong, experienced rider who can cope with 50-60 miles in approx four hours with only a short coffee stop, then feel free to turn up for one of those. We are generally a friendly group, but the Sunday riders don't expect to have to babysit anyone.

There is no need to contact anyone before turning up - just turn up a little before the ride is scheduled to depart and introduce yourself as a prospective new member. But if you want someone to call you just send us an email to kingstonphoenixrc@gmail.com


If you'd like to have a go at Time Trialling, we offer 'day membership' for a couple of club events - thereafter you need to actually join the club. Our events can be found here.

If you want to Road Race, or to ride Open Time Trials, then you need to be a member before you enter. Basically once your money and completed application form have been received you are a member - you need to do something pretty heineous for your application to be rejected at the next committee meeting!


All that is required for racing or for any of the weekend rides is a mechanically sound, roadworthy bike - you don't need anything special. You will win more friends if you have mudguards on wet days and it is wise to carry a spare inner tube and basic tools in case of punctures.

For Time Trialling, you don't need a fancy TT bike to start, although if you get hooked you will probably want to get one and there is plenty of advice to be had from members.

For Road Racing - British Cycling has specific rules about what is allowed, see their website for details.

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    1. Gently Bentley 200k Audax

      I'm up for this one.

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