Well it seems that the picture did get published and so I try for more. My fist attempt at this blog appeared as a note so please read that also in conjunction. What remains now is to publish some photo's from our table.

Well it seems as if I have cracked it there should now be two photo's of table 4 (not table5 -memory bad) but I still could not work out how to edit this at the end of the blog, access being complicated and not obvious. 




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    1. Surrey League Road Racing

      I have booked onto this course at Hillingdon on February 25th for my second training day. I know Simon T is attending too. Would be great to get a few of us along. No previous experience necessary. Th...

    2. Surrey League Road Racing

      Alex, Simon & JB. I would love to do some road rfacing but I am totaly unfit. I think that John's advice is sound to try other circuits. As for me I saw 2 surgeons a week agao and they cannot agre...

    3. Surrey League Road Racing

      John Beer What advice did Paul offer about racing in a bunch in the wet with some riders on disk brakes and other with standard brakes and alloy rims and others with carbon rims.To be honest I can see...

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