Ray Dare RIP

16 Sep 2017

Hi all. After venturing out to West Horsley for elevenses (in the car - I am permitted to drive) I phoned Beryl to see if she was at home and I went to see her. She is in good spirits and coping well after Ray! I took with me a copy of the September issue of Veteran in case she had not seen it but she had and was very pleased for me to point out the excellent Obituary by Lisa. She said that Lisa head already sent this to her. She want's to send this copy of the Veteran to her family and will do so.

She was most concerned about me and my bike and I said that all will be fine! It appears that she has had no more contact from the police about the outcome of the accident.

The other very positive thing I think is that she has decided not to move to live with her daughter. She has very good neighbours and they have all agreed that they will help her out and look after her. I have to say that the lawn looked immaculate after being cut by her local friends and I feel that she is coming to terms with her loss. May God bless her and keep her safe!

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      Love the new About our club section. The photosĀ  really show what we are about and add life to the article. Love Gavin and the Devil šŸ¤£šŸ¤£Great photo of Frank in action.

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