Ray Dare RIP

19 Jul 2017

It is with huge sadness and shock that I am writing to tell you that Ray passed away this afternoon. As many of you know, Ray was riding a time trial with John Beer today, attempting to set a new national record for a 91 year old. John phoned me a few minutes ago to tell me and asked me to inform our members on our website. Carolyn Beer has visited Beryl and at this time Beryl does not wish to be contacted by phone.

John mentioned that the news has been posted on the time trials forum and here is an extract of what has been posted:

"As those who were at the event today know, there was an accident involving rider number 9, Ray Dare of the Kingston Phoenix.  He was apparently hit from behind by a car. We now know he died from his injuries at the scene. Other riders have spoken of him riding well and steadily before.  As yet there are no further details but police, of course, are conducting a fatal accident investigation.

I am sure all riders will be as shocked as the officials were at this news. We were at least able to arrange for the wife of a club member to call in and be with his wife, Beryl, 90, just before the police arrived to give her the news.

Many thanks to the many of you who offered to help today after the first news first of the incident came in and for your understanding when we did not know the seriousness of what had happened."

As above please note that Beryl has requested that no one should make contact by phone.

I will update this page as and when more news is received.







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  1. Ray's funeral will be on Monday 14th August at 1:15pm at Randall's Park Crematorium. More details to follow...
  2. Still no news on Rays funeral. Will post it up when known.
  3. Seeing that the press are plainly writing stories on Ray using information on here I need to correct my earlier comment in as much as Ray was a step father not father.Sorry for this honest error.
  4. Ray Emailed me last week congratulating me on my 100 record and how he was keen to get his age record. I said he could do it. John you were so kind to drive Ray all the way up there and support him. That what team mates do. Our club makes me proud.
  5. Ray died doing what he loved.I'm sure he was well on his way to the record, he'd done the two turns and the long descent,which he would have loved. He was hit on a straight flat open piece of road, he had 2 miles to go. We should all remember him for the truly amazing cyclist and husband and father he was. My heart goes out to Beryl and the rest of Ray's family. The Police at the scene and at Beryl's house ,other drivers who stopped to help, the Ambulance men, the VTTA event organizer and the other riders were all so good.
  6. Just a short note to say that I have also posted this sad news on the CTC MWW Blog


  1. Course map
  2. Hilly 12 sunday

    I assume your email was after this Grant and your on holiday so cant marshall.

  3. Hilly 12 sunday

    Hi Jake willing to marshall in the hilly 12

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