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14 May 2017

In order to capture time trial results for any club member riding in an Open non-designated club event please click here to input your race results. 

The link will open a new window and the web version of Excel will appear. You don't have to register or pay for this. It is free. Just fill in a few fields and press submit and your results will then be saved on a club spreadsheet which will be used to record a history of rides and enable us to identify our trophy winners.

This is what the form looks like:



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  1. The results for each club event are saved with the event which can be accessed by using the Time Trial menu and select 'Events - Enter here and Start and Result Sheets'. When the events screen is displayed it will only show events after the date displayed in the 'Date Range' field. This defaults to today's date so it will only show the next club event. Change this date to say 1st April and then press search and all of the events will be listed on the right since that date. Click on an event to view the results and start sheet. I will be posting a listing of all club results for this season soon.
  2. works only on my computer. had to put a weird date in backwards as wouldnt accept normal way. How do we find the results page?
  3. Works fine on my Android tablet.
  4. Works perfectly on my laptop.
  5. I have opened it successfully here at work and at home using a Windows PC so I will try a tablet at home and see if I get the same problem.
  6. Wont open on my Tablet. Ill try when i next have the computer on.


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    Love the new About our club section. The photos  really show what we are about and add life to the article. Love Gavin and the Devil 🤣🤣Great photo of Frank in action.

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