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  1. Gently Bentley 200k Audax

    I did the one that Kingston Wheelers also ran to Portsmouth, a long day in the saddle, but a good day out.  Link for the Gently Bently as I was also interested if the weather is reasonable.  http://...

  2. Sunday 15th October club ride led by Jake

    I'm in too. See you all at 09:00. Suzie are you dragging any ETC riders along tomorrow. 

  3. Sunday 8th October

    A mixed group of KPRC and ETC riders made their way to Windsor, led by Alex, to indulge in some Cinnamon Cake. A flat route and so ended up being a faster than originally planned pace.  Good to see s...

  4. Sunday ride 24th September

    Hi All, For those of you looking for new routes to ride I have added today's KPRC ride out to Tanhouse farm starting and ending from Horton country park.  This can be found on the http://www.kprc.or...

  5. Sunday ride 24th September

    I know a lot of people are away or busy else where today. Today's ride was a nice steady 14.5 mph 38 miles to Tanhouse farm with Steve Palmer, Gavin Hughes, a new rider Tony and myself. We were forced...

  6. Sunday ride 24th September

    Yep, Horton as a start point. Happy to tailor the pace to the group. 

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