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  1. Gently Bentley 200k Audax

    Here's one for next spring being run by the Wheelers, looks about asĀ  flat a 200k as you could do in west /southwest London. It's on my to do list (if I'm not in Texas). Starts at Surbiton. 18th Marc...

  2. Mark has replied. So I've booked our flights going out at 12.20 back at 9.45. Will book the hire bikes for the twins this afternoon. Jo is in as well. Off to the Stragglers CX championship now (running) ,will I be the fastest over 65?
  3. Mark does n't seem too interested in replying to e-mails which is a shame. The twins and I would like to go.
  4. Ventoux Trip

    Carolyn made it up the Ventoux, no trouble. We had a an excellent week at Sault looked after by "Cycling Gems", Gerry and Neil Goldsmith. A few other groups and clubs in the area and the weather was j...

  5. Message from Mike

    I appricate that my track record on giving any advice on anything cycling is pretty dire. But the electric bike suggestion was not frivilousĀ  I have ridden them and they make a massive difference.Thi...

  6. Message from Mike

    Surely with a new ankle cycling must be better then walking. When you walk you put your whole body weight on it. Anyway I have the answer, an electric bike! one would be just right for you. Something ...

  7. Message from Mike

    There is further detail on the Wayfairers blog. Mike is at home.Bike does n't look good! What on earth is going on out there? 4 seriously hurt in the Flatlands audax over the weekend,again hit from be...

  8. Message from Mike

    In response to a get well note from the little twins Mike reports that he didn't know exactly what happened but he was wiped out by a coach from behind! He feels like he's been kicked by a horse sever...

  9. Albula Pass

    Those of you that were paying attention when the Tour of Switzerland was one will certainly have remembered this one a really nasty descent in the pouring rain.Well I climbed it yesterday and while it...

  10. The Crown 110k Audax Ashford Kent.

    The Korean chap made it round, a truly epic ride for a totally rubbish bike.Did have clipless pedals though.

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