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  1. Bec 25tt this morning

    It is said that the fastest time was 43.00 !!! though the rider has been disqualified for riding on the white line.There has been an accident at one of the roundabouts.These two events confirm for me ...

  2. First running race in 9 years.

    Yes Jake, it's Sophie Robin, 8 lbs 6 oz lots of black hair.  

  3. First running race in 9 years.

    I've boxed up the tt bike and will review what I think about it and racing in the new year.Did my first Parkrun for a very long time this morning and whilst I've only done about 60 miles training I di...

  4. Seeing that the press are plainly writing stories on Ray using information on here I need to correct my earlier comment in as much as Ray was a step father not father.Sorry for this honest error.
  5. Ray died doing what he loved.I'm sure he was well on his way to the record, he'd done the two turns and the long descent,which he would have loved. He was hit on a straight flat open piece of road, he had 2 miles to go. We should all remember him for the truly amazing cyclist and husband and father he was. My heart goes out to Beryl and the rest of Ray's family. The Police at the scene and at Beryl's house ,other drivers who stopped to help, the Ambulance men, the VTTA event organizer and the other riders were all so good.
  6. Njinga Revisited and other stuff.

    The power readings were correct. I did scrape a 23.58 last night in the a3crg event (where I was the second to last reserve!) and very pleased I was with it.My last 2 rides on the P901 and H1 had been...

  7. 2 -UP 10 TT Cancelled

    Alex. I was n't thinking straight last night that was 3 events out of 4 for me either cancelled or course changed. In  the cold light of day what we might think about in the future is just to move th...

  8. Njinga Revisited and other stuff.

    This is the spinning studio on the Hampton side of Kingston bridge that opened a couple of years ago and I thought might struggle. Well how wrong can you be, it's full most classes and the clients tha...

  9. Wow well done everyone. It did n't seem that good a day to me. I gave the event a miss this year and entered the Oxonian 25 (with a view to doing a 50 on the same ,very flat course a few weeks later) the 25 was cancelled, new road chippings laid on Saturday! it will be pointless entering the 50 now. Baby Beer is due in a couple of weeks so I'm going to miss a weekend (gladly I might add) As I need a 50 time I've entered the truly dire Q50/11 which at least I'll get in (one for the single speed) and the Reading 50 where I might not be so lucky, the Reading 50 does not do the washboard legs of the Farnham Alton so should be quick for me on a half reasonable day (at least 10 mins quicker then the Q50/11). On a more positive note I'm in on the super fast and flat P901 on Thursday, not even a full field.
  10. Well done. Congrats also to Ray also for a 29.59 on a somewhat breezy Farnham Alton, 12 seconds or so short of the National ARR .
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