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  2. Hilly 12 sunday

    I assume your email was after this Grant and your on holiday so cant marshall.

  3. Hilly 12 sunday

    Hi Jake willing to marshall in the hilly 12

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    2. First running race in 9 years.

      Dear John & Carolyn. Wonderfull knews I hope that the new BEER is full of spirit just like the lovely Grand Parents. John how can you now start to run, that's incredible keep it up!

    3. Bec 25tt this morning

      It is said that the fastest time was 43.00 !!! though the rider has been disqualified for riding on the white line.There has been an accident at one of the roundabouts.These two events confirm for me ...

    4. First running race in 9 years.

      Yes Jake, it's Sophie Robin, 8 lbs 6 oz lots of black hair.  

    5. Bec 25tt this morning

      Grant , Suzie and I did the Bec 25 this morning. 7deg on car temp! A sunny but cold morning. Grant did 1.19.20. I did 1.08.49, Suzie 1.08.22. Think we won the womens team prize tho 🤗🤗 Think the ...

    6. Hilly 12 sunday

      Do we have a course map? It wont load. I assume we need marshalls and signs for the race. Anyone free to help then go to Spoons Leatherhead for breakfast after 😛

    7. First running race in 9 years.

      Well done on your run John. I assume Sophie is the newest Beer member 🤗😘

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