Theo Tadross on hold before start. Like Father like Son along with little brother.
Jake sheltering from the rain opposite the hold position.
Alison Vessey from Mickey Cranks CC, also sheltering. Maybe I should join that club or become second claim.




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    1. Surrey League Road Racing

      I have booked onto this course at Hillingdon on February 25th for my second training day. I know Simon T is attending too. Would be great to get a few of us along. No previous experience necessary. Th...

    2. Surrey League Road Racing

      Alex, Simon & JB. I would love to do some road rfacing but I am totaly unfit. I think that John's advice is sound to try other circuits. As for me I saw 2 surgeons a week agao and they cannot agre...

    3. Surrey League Road Racing

      John Beer What advice did Paul offer about racing in a bunch in the wet with some riders on disk brakes and other with standard brakes and alloy rims and others with carbon rims.To be honest I can see...

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