What a brilliant ride by our riders yesterday completing 10 miles at impressive average speeds:


Simon set a PB which made up for his recent results coming one second behind Alex in the K2W and a 50 mile event. Simon's PB is now two seconds better than Alex's!

Dale and Alex fell short of their PBs by 15 and 31 seconds, so there's more to come!

Well done to you all.



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  1. Well done lads you done us proud!
  2. Well done. Congrats also to Ray also for a 29.59 on a somewhat breezy Farnham Alton, 12 seconds or so short of the National ARR .
  3. Very well done guys. On a windy day as well. Great things to come 🤗


  1. Course map
  2. Hilly 12 sunday

    I assume your email was after this Grant and your on holiday so cant marshall.

  3. Hilly 12 sunday

    Hi Jake willing to marshall in the hilly 12

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