It was the Blazing Saddles 50m TT on the fast P885 course on the A3 this morning. A spot of rain and a bit of a crosswind made it a bit harder earlier on but conditions improved later on. It didn't stop Dale Lush powering his way to a new club record of 1:51.20, some 24 seconds faster than the old record set in 1988.

Alex Kew and Simon Trehearn were able to back Dale up, both riding personal bests to beat the Men's team record by over a minute. Jake Dodd had a great ride too, riding 2:16:53, her second best time in 35 years of racing. Unfortunatley Susie was a dns at the start. I am sure that if we can find a third rider we can also worry the Women's record too.

Dale Lush 1:51:20 (PB and Club record)
Alex Kew 1:57:34 (PB)
Simon Trehearn 2:01:34 (PB)

Total time. 5:50:28


Jake Dodd 2:16:53

Susie Shaw dns


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  1. Wow well done everyone. It did n't seem that good a day to me. I gave the event a miss this year and entered the Oxonian 25 (with a view to doing a 50 on the same ,very flat course a few weeks later) the 25 was cancelled, new road chippings laid on Saturday! it will be pointless entering the 50 now. Baby Beer is due in a couple of weeks so I'm going to miss a weekend (gladly I might add) As I need a 50 time I've entered the truly dire Q50/11 which at least I'll get in (one for the single speed) and the Reading 50 where I might not be so lucky, the Reading 50 does not do the washboard legs of the Farnham Alton so should be quick for me on a half reasonable day (at least 10 mins quicker then the Q50/11). On a more positive note I'm in on the super fast and flat P901 on Thursday, not even a full field.
  2. Brilliant Guys well done and a fantastic ride also to Jake. Sorry to hear about your DNS Susie I do hope you are OK! Strangely enough I have over the years been helping a paraplegic called Paul Smith from Cosham (ex Navy) ride his wheelchair of hope (& a recumbent) to raise over £1.25m in the last few years for various charity's. Last year I attended his MBE investiture by the Queen at Windsor Castle. Yesterday he abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth raising money for local disadvantaged children. He texted me this morning to say he saw a lot of time trialists on the A3 at 6am, I guess it was you lot!
  3. Fantastic times everyone!!!


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    Love the new About our club section. The photos  really show what we are about and add life to the article. Love Gavin and the Devil 🤣🤣Great photo of Frank in action.

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