How to add an attachment to an article

14 Nov 2017


1. Save your attachment to your computer or to the cloud. Ideally, this should be saved as a pdf document. If the attachment is in a different format such as a Word document, you can save it as a pdf by simply using the print function to print the document to a pdf file instead of printing it to the printer. You will then be able to name and save the pdf file in a location. The name and its location are given an address which is also known as its URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It is the URL that we need to select and add to the article.

2. Select the file. To attach the pdf file to an article you need to insert it by using the one of the icons at the top of the 'Content' section. Use the circled icon below to insert/edit the link.

The menu bar at the top of this screen
Select 'insert/edit link' from the menu bar at the top of this screen


3. Insert the (URL) link. The following will then appear inviting you to enter the URL. You can ignore that and instead just press the icon to the right of the field which will enable you to select the attachment from your computer location.


The URL is the address/location of your attachment


4. Select the attachment by pressing the 'Choose Files' button, then press the Save button. This has now added the attachment to the files available for selection in the list below. You now need to select the attachment as per 3 below, by clicking on the file icon.


This process has added your attachment to the file manager.


Fill in the 'Text to Display' field as this will be the text that will appear in your article. You could for example just input 'Click here for the attachment' (without the apostrophes). It will then appear in the article underlined as below.

Click here for the attachment


The target field gives you the option to select 'New Window' which will open the attachment in a new window.



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