Wed mountainbike ride 6th Dec.

We plan to tryout a wed mountainbike ride starting at 10am Horton park. If it is successful we might make it a regular thing! Please add your name to Events. We hope to make it a fun and learning how to ride tricky terrain sort of day. So may go over tricky sections a few times to master them! 🤤😨😲

  1. Hi Jake, 

    I’d quite like to try a Moutain Bike Ride - bit only have a Hybrid and suspect I’d be a little slow ......... would it be suitable? 

    (I’m off that day luckily!!)



  2. Come along Sarah. It will be muddy but you can ride most of it. Any tricky sections you can walk. 

  3. Hi Sarah. I have a spare MTB which I am sure will fit you. Just pop round at 9:30am before the ride....or a bit before if you want me to transfer your saddle on to the MTB.


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