Zwift Today.

There was a grand fondo on Zwift this afternoon, well a medio fondo in my case. 860th out of 1,150 or so,really hard work, I averaged 149 watts for 90 minutes. Typical sportive everybody racing it.

I thought I was in the C event but it turns out I was in the B. 15k climb to start. Tomorrows Park Run will be easy.

Happy new year everyone.



  1. Tried a so called fellowship ride on Zwift this morning, 1 hour, flat.It was supposed to be for riders between 1.5 and 2.5 watts per K. I'm 2.4 watts per kilogramme at present so this should have been doable.About 90 starters. The usual flat out start (so much for fellowship) but I hung in there, it then started to split up so I had to let the fast men go and got in a big group of chasers but they were just giving it too much wellie,so after about 20 minutes I had to let them go and carried on off the back.Did get round though at over 30 kph.

    The day before I did 2 times 20 minutes sweet spot av 162 watts, very pleased with that.Will do another FTP test next week to see if I'm on track, looking for 180 w plus for 20 minutes.

  2. A friend at work did one of the Sigma Sport group rides on Zwift earlier this week. She said it worked really well because there was a group leader controlling things so people didn't get 'dropped' and others going nuts off the front. 

  3. The fellowship ride had a leader, a ray of golden light was shinning down on him, and he was in my group but he was still going too fast.To do a group ride at level C I have to accept that for me it's going to be an all out 1 hour effort and prepare accordingly.

    I'll have another go next week (see if I can hang on for 30 mins).I did see the Sigma Sport rides on the ride list, I'll keep an eye out for them also.

    For you Alex,these rides (maybe level B) would be great training (the the sence of unpredictable hard efforts) for the Surrey league.


  4. Humm well that did n't work. 25 mile race this morning, dropped inside 200m at 250 watts plus.Did hang on all the way round with some back markers and was outsprinted for last place by some Aussie.It was won in just over 50 minutes, I was 22 minutes down.Which I guess is how it would be in an open road race in reality .I averaged 149 watts, so about 15 or so short of what I could do at present for an hour flat out.

    It was quite hard enough for the first week in January to be honest. Just short of 500 watts in the sprint (for last!).

    I need to enter D only races/rides.


  5. Yes D's are fine, finished mid field in a London Loop 22 miler last night ,156 watts average,4 minutes or so down on winner.

    Seems I've "earned" some virtual Zipp 808's so I've put them on my avitar bike, whilst it wont effect my wattage it should go a little quicker.

    Zwift have added Leith Hill to their London loop, so getting to the point where 2 laps or so would be broadly equivalent in distance and metres climbed, to the CTC hilly 50k, if you cranked the smart turbo incline responce to 100% (it defaults at 50%) it would feel like it as well!

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