Njinga Revisited and other stuff.

This is the spinning studio on the Hampton side of Kingston bridge that opened a couple of years ago and I thought might struggle.

Well how wrong can you be, it's full most classes and the clients that go are getting much stronger.

They have an offer on during the Tour and I thought it might make a change from my usual routine (plus it stops me getting upset with white vans and 4 by 4's).

The coach there yesterday told and showed me straight away why my left leg is putting out so little power compared to the right (now 40/60!) it's because I'm delaying the power on the downstroke on the left leg about 5 degrees compared to the right 109 degrees compared to 114.Doing something about it is another matter though.

A long intervals and climbing session yesterday I was one of the weakest there though I was putting out 200 watts without too much trouble which in the past suggests I can still do a sub 24 10.I was getting well into the red zone with the heat so was having to back off a bit, there were 3 industrial fans going.

I do really understand now why 17 cyclist died in Majorca this April. There are so many people out there who think of themselves as cyclists who are roaring fit and competitive but hardly ever ride a bike on the road (with some justification) so when they do get on a road in a group with traffic and it's technical going for Strava times or just having a burn up it's hardly surprising that things occasionally go seriously wrong.

PS Mike please don't ride the SCCU 100 it will be no fun at all.Give it all you've got tomorrow.

PPS.The nutty drivers on the A3 Sunday morning are almost certainly people going to the Merrow car boot sale I always get at least one clear punishment pass in morning events on there. I never have had a problem with afternoon or evening events even though the traffic count is  a little higher.

PPPS I most certainly will not be going on the Njinga end of season Majorca training camp!

PPPPS After today not watching any more live sprint finishes in the Tour, it's truly horrible when it goes wrong.


  1. The power readings were correct. I did scrape a 23.58 last night in the a3crg event (where I was the second to last reserve!) and very pleased I was with it.My last 2 rides on the P901 and H1 had been particularly miserable speedwise. These days it's clear that me turning up half hearted just is n't going to work. I'm begining to suspect also I need a slightly rolling course like the Farnham Alton rather then the almost flat ones. Plus make absolutely sure the brake blocks don't rub on the rear disk.

    Half hearted and flat it is for this Sundays 50 though with 2 level crossings and 2 car boot sales so I'm just treating it as training on the single speed, better then a 2.20 will be just fine. I think baby Beer will rule me out of the Reading 50 the week after.

    I've entered the VTTA E2 early morning 25, will I get in with a plus of  just 10.08?

    What will Ray manage on the super fast F11/10 next Wednesday? He's in with an early start, 2.09, in a  full field of 150.


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