Next club 10 is the 2 Up

Steve and I are doing the 2 Up, Mike and John. I think Steve and Sarah have teamed up. Brian is not around to timekeep so we need lots of help that night from non racing members if available. To anyone who has never done one, the idea is to take turns at the front and rest up in the slipstream at the back. If one rider is stronger then they do the lions share on the front. 

  1. Hi all! Anyone fancy pairing up with me for the 2 up? Am a novice by the way!


  2. Hi Suzie. Happy to be your partner if you fancy it?

  3. Er, er, er yes thanks Alex. If you don't mind slowing down rather a lot?!

    Thank you!

  4. Hi - looking for a someone to partner up with for the 5th July 2-up TT.

  5. Hi Patrick, If you are still looking for someone for the 2up TT then i'll give it a go. Rick

  6. So we've got;

    Jake and Steve H

    Alex and Susie

    Sarah and Steve 

    Mike and John

    Patrick and Rick



    Simon T?

    Damien (Wheelers)

    Last call. If you can post on here or e mail me at to let me know if you are riding as a 2 up or solo, by Saturday 8pm that would be grand.



  7. Yes I think I need to race, solo would be comfortable, was last year I was wrecked struggling to keep up with my partner.

  8. Hi rick, thanks thats great.  Patrick.

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