2 -UP 10 TT Cancelled

From my point of view a complete over-reaction to a few cones on the A24 Dual Carriageway just after the start! I drove along past the start on the way home and the cones were well filtered and signed to reduce the dual to a single carriageway for approx 200 metres. Bearing in mind as I have said before we ride the single carriageway with bends over railway bridges with squeeze points near Kingsfold. All that riders needed to do tonight was ride defensively and leagaly on the open carriageway for a short time to get past the cones. It was a clear night with no rain. I returned down the A24 back to N. Holmwood and saw a group of cyclists riding behind each other towards Mid Holmwood past the cones.

Not aware if there were any other roadworks around Bear Green or Caple but I suspect not!

  1. No Mike, there wasn't any other cones out on the course.  Quite, simply, as far as I am aware, as the promoter of this event and therefore in some capacity responsible for your safety, it was completely the right decision.  In the five minutes or so that I was parked up opposite the roadworks, as well as a build up of traffic there were at least 3 cars I saw approaching those roadworks at well over 60 mph, and braking very late before almost hitting the cars in front.  Quite simply because they probably drive that route everyday, ignored / didn't see the warning signs and were not paying attention.  The thought of one of our riders getting caught up in that does not bare thinking about.  

  2. Alex I fully accept that it was your decission quite rightly in your view to cancell but to my mind there was plenty of space for a cyclist to be overtaken by a car on the available carriageway. Anyway at least in my opinion we should have gone ahead with the event on a shortened course starting after the roadworks which would have been a safer start place altogether. We take a risk everytime we exit onto the A24 from the normal start. I say this particularly so as Lisa had volunteered to come all that way to time keep.

    Alex my view is that we should not give in to these challenges. We all came out to ride a time trial with the consequent damage to the environment (fuel usage etc). Sorry I did not see John Beer and John I expect I know your answer but what is your opinion having come all the way from Twickenham?


  3. Alex.

    I was n't thinking straight last night that was 3 events out of 4 for me either cancelled or course changed.

    In  the cold light of day what we might think about in the future is just to move the start,it would be a non standard distance but at least it would be a ride. Yesterday we could have started at the top of the hill (the 25 start) and either finished at the 25 finish or the normal 10 depending on what was possible for the timekeeper.

    From the notices on the course I fear there may be other lane closures in the weeks to come where the above wont be practical.

    I agree with you these days you cannot run a race where the road is narrowed by cones,no leg to stand on if an accident occured,traffic counts too high and driving standards these days too low.

  4. The CTT rules state you cannot run a race on a coned off area of road. 

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