The Outlaw Ironman Triathlon

  1. Well I can't believe all this stuff, it's all above my head and to think it was all happening in my birthplace of Nottingham. It must be much more crucifying than a 12 hour!

    I bumped into Suzie this morning at Epsom Hospital and I told her that the SCCU 100 was cancelled so she was glad she had not entered but hopes that it will be resheduled. That I doubt, firstly only 33 entries, secondly not practical as I guess the callender is full!

  2. Thanks for this Susie. It was nice to know that we were being tracked. The tting that I have done over the last few years definitely helped me out and I paced my ride conservatively to make sure I had something left for the run. It was very weird that after Simon and I being separated by only 1 second in three separate time trials this year, including the KW, that only 6 seconds split us after the swim. Have to say that it was a very well organised event with a flat and fast bike route, with a nice mix of dc and sc roads. One to do again I reckon. 

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