Sunday ride 24th September

If there is anyone who is willing to lead a ride for this Sunday, that would be grand. Let me know the details and I can create an event or else reply to this thread. 





  1. I'm happy to lead a ride Sunday 24th if anyone is interested, would be out anyway, around 40 - 45 miles, 08:30 start or open to offers. 

  2. I am away for the next 3 sundays. Happy to lead a ride when i am back.

  3. That's awesome Lee. Start at Horton?

  4. Yep, Horton as a start point. Happy to tailor the pace to the group. 

  5. I know a lot of people are away or busy else where today. Today's ride was a nice steady 14.5 mph 38 miles to Tanhouse farm with Steve Palmer, Gavin Hughes, a new rider Tony and myself. We were forced to drink coffee and eat cake in the sun in Tanhouse garden. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride. 

  6. Hi All,

    For those of you looking for new routes to ride I have added today's KPRC ride out to Tanhouse farm starting and ending from Horton country park. 

    This can be found on the page 


  7. Thanks so much for leading this ride, this morning Lee and putting the ride up on the website. I'm also trying to find a way to put routes on the club's Strava club page, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. 

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