Sunday 1st October

Happy to lead a ride out on the above date. Will start at 8:30am from a point in Kingston to be decided. Will most likely head out towards Dorking and Peaslake. Will aim to get a route up on Strava at some point. 

  1. Route for Sunday can be found here:



    Start at Kingston Bridge 8:30am on the Hampton Court side. 



  2. Hi Alex.  The route looks like it comes back through Whitedown.  I think that is still closed.


  3. Route updated. Doesn't include Whitedown but does have a descent and climb of Coombe.

  4. Sorry Alex - late withdrawal from me...been off the bike with an injury and don't think it's up to that distance just yet.....cheers Neil

  5. Myself, Suzie, Simon and Lee out this morning, dodging the clouds. Tea and snickers at Peaslake. 55 miles in 3:20. 

    Teas and coffees after 35 miles at peaslake.

  6. Well done you lot. Lots mountain bikers around there! 

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