Steady sunday ride

I am now not available to lead this sunday. Anyone else able to take steady group to Redhill aerofield? 45 miles.

  1. I can work out a route for Sunday Jake. Is there coffee at the airfield?

  2. The best coffee in surrey at Pilots Hub and egg bacon baps to die for 😋

  3. Sorry you won’t be there Jake 😟, as one of the steady ones, if someone has a route I can download I don’t mind following that and leading, but is only likely to be averaging around 13/14 mph .... 🐢

  4. I cant download a route but i planned to go down Pebblcombe hill over rb and left, 2nd right , left , pass the Mill then right up hill down to clayhall lane where left. R at shops and cross A217 and down Lonesome lane. Left before end and cross A23 by turning left right. At crossroads follow signs to Redhill aerofield. Home either over big hill cross A25 to Merstham, Banstead or back same route.

  5. Thanks Jake, I'll try and work it out on my Garmin ...... doesn't look like the same route Alex has put on Strava (Peaslake?) - I thought we were setting off together then seperate with the steady route going a shorted distance but meeting at elevenses? 

    (By the way, how do you remember all those routes ..... amazing!)

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