2018 Prudential Ride London

Hi all, 

As a novice to all these events, this will be the first time I'm intending to apply for a ballot place for the the Ride London 100 next year, and I understand youhave to be pretty lucky to get a place.

However, I've heard if your club enters a team, and apparently particularly a womens team (or at least a team with women in) there's a higher chance of success .....  so, are/will KPRC enter a team?  Are there any others out there interested in takng part in the ride next year?  I understand the main condition of a team is that they have the same start time - and that's about it (earlier the better I would think!).


  1. I have done London 100 so not sure if I fancy doing another one but if we need to make up numbers I will. I would recommend riding it to anyone who has not done it.🤗🤣 A team of new riders would be better. Early start is best to avoid crowds on climbs. Good luck

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